RII50115 Diploma of Surface Extraction Operations

For Resources Safety & Health Queensland

Have you considered completing the Diploma of Surface Operations?

All Queensland Site Senior Executives should have their SSE Notice now. We think its important to recognise all of the Quarry Managers, Site Seniors, Supervisors and all the alternates that undertook training and assessment early and have been proactive in the safety and health of our people in industry.  


Did you know?

There were participants who made site changes by morning tea on the first day of training

having recognised that they needed to be better. 


MINRES would like to offer our Queensland Inspection Officers the opportunity to undertake the same recommended training and assessment as we ask of our SSE’s.  We think this is important and can be beneficial for three reasons:


  • Individual professional development and industry currency;
  • A consistent all of industry approach to health and safety that is clear and consistent;
  • An opportunity for the regulator to have input into shaping the health and safety of our industry; and,
  • Undertaking the training and assessment is an opportunity for Mines Inspectors to demonstrate a positive and collaborative culture to Industry.


Proposal for the Department of Natural Resource, Mines and Energy


Resources Safety and Health Queensland implemented changes to Legislation and Regulation in 2017 to improve overall risk management and safety awareness across Queensland sites. The regulators message across industry has been consistent, i.e. “All Site Senior Executives (SSE’s) must have specific, formal competencies unless otherwise directed by an Inspector.”

MINRES partnered with several industry stakeholders to support the RSHQ directive to lift the calibre of SSE’s knowledge, skills and comprehension by embedding the required legislation takeaways into accredited training and assessment strategies across regional, remote and metropolitan Queensland.

As a Registered Training Organisation providing Nationally Accredited training and assessment services MINRES has designed and developed several training offerings for current, alternate and potential SSE’s, Quarry Managers and Supervisors including:


Hamish Beattie:

Hamish is a consultant providing project and operations management, training, safety, commercial and general consulting services to the construction materials, mining, infrastructure services and heavy construction industries.

He has over 25 years’ experience in construction materials, mining, waste and resource management and has previously served 6 years as an Army Officer.

Hamish's qualifications include:

Master of Project Management.
Diploma of Surface Operations Management.
Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety.
Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Hamish Beattie, Masters of Project Management

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 7.30.18 pm

David Peacock, CPQM, SSE 20+

Ricahrd Ersnt

Richard Ernst

RII50115 Diploma of Surface Operations Management:

This course is designed for for SSE’s in a mine or quarry with more that 20 persons on site, and delivered by live webinar or in a classroom environment by our industry specialist across five x 2 day workshops, and includes:

  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a Safe Workplace*; and,
  • RIIRIS501D Implement and maintain systems to control risk*.

*RPL not available

RII40115 Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations (for Supervisors):

This course is designed for for SSE’s in a mine or quarry with more that 6-20 persons on site, and delivered by live webinar or in a classroom environment by our industry specialist across five x 2 day workshops, and includes:

  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a Safe Workplace*; and,
  • RIIRIS501D Implement and maintain systems to control risk*.

*RPL not available

S123 Supervisors Course:

    • RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes;
    • RIIWHS301D Conduct Safety and Health Investigations; and,
    • RIICOM301D Communicate Information.


MINRES observed a positive trend and and willingness to undertake training and assessment, maintain industry currency and future proof their succession plans. 

Part of maintaining registration requires the RTO to consult with industry. MINRES has liaised with multiple stakeholders over the past 24 months.  Some key points of those discussions, ideas and points of interest may be addressed by the department immersing their regulators in training required by their clients.

Some key discussion points include:

  • What are RSHQ Mines Inspectors requirements prior to and upon site visits?
  • Interim notification application submissions process, their approval or denial (resubmission)
  • Feedback from the process of requirements can vary from region to region, Inspector to Inspector
  • General information relayed to SSE, Quarry Managers and/or Supervisors in relation to compliance requirements varies from Mines Inspector understanding of the training package requirements to meet DRNME directive – timeline 9thNovember 2019, and interim notice 30thJune 2020.
  • IQA Annual Conference attendees consistently seeking clarification from colleagues, MINRES and Inspectors to clearly understand the requirements and the reasoning behind the directive.

As an industry specialist RTO, MINRES has continually worked with the department and industry stakeholders with regard the qualifications needed to meet compliance and have created a team of subject matter experts across the training package requirements.

MINRES Training Institute is proposing to deliver the new recommended qualification RII50115 Diploma in Surface Operations Management to all appointed Mines Inspection Officers throughout Queensland.

Any member of the Inspectorate can participate in mainstream classes with other Site Senior Executives or alternatively training and assessment can be scheduled in a closed classroom environment exclusively for Resources Safety & Health Queensland.

Why DNRME Mines Inspectors should hold RII50115 Diploma of Surface Operations Management?

As Industry Leaders in governance and compliance and managers of the directive, it has been suggested that DRNME Mines Inspectors should also be required to hold these qualifications or their equivalent.

Some of the positive benefits for Mines Inspectors would be:

  • Providing valid experience and improvements to the course content (input into compliance outcomes)
  • Mines Inspectors leading by example, having completed the same training that they expect from industry (demonstrate collaborative approach to relationship management)
  • Improvement to overall professional development
  • Improvement in customer service by be able to communicate with clients from a place of understanding
  • Establishing a greater level of respect amongst colleagues, clients, industry and site managers
  • Delivering clear and consistent messaging from the department to all stakeholders

As with many vocational arenas, professionals are required to remain active and up to date with learning and development and Industry trends and improvements. This is achieved through professional development and continuing to maintain our industry currency through up-skilling our qualifications, re-skilling through participation in working in areas of expertise. Consider these examples: QLD Education, employed teachers must maintain their qualifications to meet standards: QLD Medical staff (doctors and nurses) must maintain their adaption, learning and development for medical advances and changes to practices/operations: RTO’s manage their Trainers and Assessors to hold the qualifications they are expected to train and assess clients. Australia Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) determines that a minimum 2 weeks per calendar year of professional development in the vocation of expertise as well as industry requirements to upgrade qualifications to meet the ever changing demands of colleagues, clients and industry.

Let’s equip our DNRME Mines Inspectors with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the leadership of increasing Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Management compliance across the state of Queensland.



Current cost for the Diploma of Surface Operation Management is $12,995. MINRES is offering the department a discount price of $10,000 per Diploma if the Department commits to 10 or more personnel enrolling.

If you would like to discuss further or require any additional information, please contact MINRES Training Institute CEO (details below).


No course is available.