Monash University Seeks Indistry Partners

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A range of government funds is available for small/medium enterprises (SMEs) to carry out R&D/engineering design projects in collaboration with the Monash University advanced power electronics lab. The funds – which typically contribute 50 per cent of the project budget – are to support SMEs to grow and solve their technical problems and help them design new products in conjunction with a University partner.

Projects could last from three months to three years.

Following the expression of interest, Monash University and the industry partner will together define the project scope ie project deliverables, budget and time-line.

Monash will then submit a proposal for one of the grants listed below depending on the project circumstances such as SME cash flow and the project nature, length and budget:

1) Entrepreneurs Program: Innovation Connections Grant, more information can be found at 

2) STEM program: to help Australian small and medium-sized enterprises access the right expertise and solutions to grow their competitive advantage. Discover the ways your business can benefit.

More information can be found at WWW.CSIRO.AU/EN/DO-BUSINESS/SOLUTIONS-FOR-SMES

3)  ARC linkage program:  The Linkage Projects scheme promotes national, and international, collaboration and research partnerships between key stakeholders in research and innovation including higher education institutions, government, business, industry and end-users. Research and development is undertaken to apply advanced knowledge to problems, acquire new knowledge and as a basis for securing commercial and other benefits of research.

The Linkage Projects scheme provides funding to Eligible Organisations to support research and development (R&D) projects which:

  • are collaborative between higher education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system
  • are undertaken to acquire new knowledge, and
  • involve risk or innovation.

Proposals for funding under the Linkage Projects scheme must include at least one Partner Organisation. The Partner Organisation must make a contribution in cash and/or in kind to the project. The combined Partner Organisation contributions for a Proposal (i.e. the total of the cash and in-kind contributions of the Partner Organisations) must at least match the total funding requested from the ARC. More information can be found at

The Monash grants in conjunction with the cash component contributed by the industry partner allow Monash to dedicate a researcher for the duration of the project to work on the project.

The project should have a reasonable research and development component to be eligible for one of the grants listed above. The first two grants listed are available to SMEs only.

Upon approval of the grant, a contract will be signed by Monash legal team and the industry partner.

For more information contact

Damon Bazargan ( or

Dr Behrooz Bahrani (

Women’s Leadership

The Australian Solar Council has also been told about the final call for funding grants fro women’s leadership development, and one-week extension of deadline.

A pool of scholarship funding has been provisioned for women in the energy sector to participate in a range of leadership development courses.

Solar Council and Energy Storage members or contacts still wishing to submit a nomination now have until June 16 to do so, and expressions of interest can be registered via this link:

A reminder that the fee support opportunity provides women with funding of between $3000 and $8000 which has to be allocated prior to the end of this financial year (June 30). The grants will not be available for the energy sector in the foreseeable future.

Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is administering the national initiative to support the development of female leaders across Australia’s energy sector.

Expressions of Interest

Find out more and register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form here prior to June 16, 2017:

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