G2 Risk Management Course


The G2 Risk Management Course provides the skills and knowledge required to carry out the risk management process with a focus on risk within the mining and quarrying industry.

The course teaches the risk management process with a focus on the importance of planning for risk management, preparing to implement the risk management process, identifying unacceptable risk, auditing the risk management process and completing records and reports.

The risk management process is crucial on all mine and quarry sites, therefore undertaking this training is critical for most supervisors as they progress in the mining and quarrying industry. The G2 Risk Management Course is also necessary for those looking to progress in their mining/quarrying career.

Performance Criteria

  • Plan and prepare for implementing the risk management process
  • Identify hazards
  • Assess risk
  • Identify unacceptable risk
  • Identify potential actions
  • Decide on action
  • Implement or facilitate action
  • Review the implementation of action
  • Audit the risk management process
  • Complete records and reports

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