Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you cannot find the answer to your question, or have a general question, please contact us.

Who do I contact to learn more about my training and assessment options?
You can contact one of our friendly team members by: Website: completing the Contact Us form Phone: 1800 MINRES (1800 646 737) Email:
How do I enrol in a RPL qualification?

You will be able to go the ENROL page and select the offering you would like to enrol in. You can then complete the online enrolment form.
Alternatively you can complete an online Contact Form and a team member will get in touch with you.
You can also phone or email MinRes directly.

How is assessment conducted?

The Principal of Assessment are applied to all RPL pathways and are determined by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) coupled with the Rules of Evidence being applied which are:
Validity: Your Assessor is assured that the candidate possesses the skills, knowledge and attributes as described in the module or unit of competency and associated assessment requirements.
Sufficiency: Your Assessor is assured that the quality, quantity and relevance of the assessment evidence supplied enables a judgement to be made of a candidate’s competency.
Authenticity: Your Assessor is assured that the evidence presented for assessment is the candidate’s own work.
Currency: Your Assessor is assured that the assessment evidence demonstrates current competency. This required the assessment evidence to be from the present or the very recent past.
RPL put simply is assessment and competence determined by our Industry Expert Trainers and Assessors. They will review all your evidence supplied including: your work experience, competence in industry and previous qualifications against your chosen qualification sought to complete.

What types of documents do I have to supply?

Depending on the qualification you have chosen, you will be required to provide a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) against the training package requirements. This PoE meets both the training package requirements and the Principals of Assessment and Rules of Evidence guidelines. Your Trainer and Assessor after a brief discussion with you, will be able to provide you with further information. All candidates will supply foundational documents including:
1. A current resume;
2. A job or position description;
3. Any previously completed qualifications, Statements of Attainment, training and assessment completed to a Nationally Recognised Standard

What qualifications are available via RPL?

All qualifications as listed on the MINRES Scope of Registration (RTO:40727) can be found on

Do I qualify for RPL?

Any candidate can apply for RPL. RPL assesses your current and previous experience against the requirements of a training qualification. Not all candidates will be suitable to complete an entire qualification via the RPL pathway; in this instance, gap training or blended-learning may be an alternative option to complete the chosen qualification. This will be discusses at enrolment stage (or an initial conversation to determine candidates goals, current qualifications and suitable ‘fit’ for RPL.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway to evaluate a person’s extensive skills, knowledge and previously completed qualifications against the training package requirements of their chosen qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) means an assessment process that assesses the competency/s of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine where the candidate meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited courses.

1. Formal learning refers to learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction and is linked to the attainment of an AQF qualification or statement of attainment e.g. A certificate, diploma of university degree;
2. Non-formal learning refers to learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction, but does not lead to the attainment of an AQF qualification or Statement of Attainment e.g. in-house professional development programs conducted by a business;
3. Informal learning refers to learning that results through experience of work related, social, family, hobby or leisure activities e.g. interpersonal skills such as communication and leadership developed through several years as a Team Leader.

How do I fill out the Online Enrolment Form?

Fill out all of the fields available until you get to the Terms and Conditions (this is the end of the enrolment form). Select submit. You will be redirected to REGISTRATION FORM page. Click PAY NOW. There will be no payment required at this stage, however if you do not click PAY NOW, MinRes will not receive your enrolment. You will then be redirected to the Payment Page. You will see that there is no payment required at this stage. Click SUBMIT to complete your enrolment. MinRes will not receive your enrolment until you complete all of these steps.

How do I enrol online?

You can see any available course by clicking ENROL NOW on the top menu on the website. This page shows all of the current qualifications being offered. Alternatively, you can select a course from the drop down menu on the top of the website and select the qualification you are interested. All available courses will be displaying at the bottom of the page. Select ADD ENROLMENT and click next. This will open the online enrolment form.